Fitness for Football Fans

The Super Bowl is a celebration of some of the greatest and fittest athletes in the NFL. It’s a whole different story for fans, in the stands and at home snacking on comfort food and plenty of alcohol. This year, celebrity trainer Kira Stokes wants to change that with her Super Bowl Workout Game filled with fun, calorie-torching movements straight from her Stoked Primal classes at Reebok Sports Club (New York City).

Crouching Tiger Push-Up (Perform this during every First Down)

  1. Start in extended arm plank position but with hands wider than shoulder width
  2. Perform a push-up but hold contraction one inch from the floor
  3. Keeping chest one inch from the floor slide back into hips while simultaneously bending the knees two inches off the floor (hips end up directly over the knees, pounce position)
  4. Straighten legs to create a downward dog position
  5. Perform a rolling wave by drawing navel to spine and articulating the spine to bring the body back to the start position.


Monkey (could be a touchdown dance :))

  1. Start in extended arm plank
  2. Place right foot on the outside of right wrist
  3. Pick up right hand and slide left leg through the right foot and left hand (keep left foot off ground)
  4. Return right foot and right hand to start position (return to plank position)
  5. Repeat on other side



Ostrich (Field Goal!)

  1. Step out to lunge position
  2. Maintaining the height of the shoulders, pass the back leg through to lunge on the opposite leg. This is a walking lunge where you essentially never come out of the lunge position.


Kangaroo (every time a Time Out is called)

  1. Begin in a plié squat toes turned out to a 45 degree angle.

  2. Hold plié squat position 2 seconds (weight on heels) then jump
 the feet together for one second
  3. Repeat alternating.


Do you think you can keep up with the game and these moves?


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