Hiit a Hit at Spas

I try to squeeze in new fitness classes and fresh moves in my exercise routines and one of my latest obsessions is high intensity interval training, better known as HIIT classes. Instructors run particpants through our paces and there's not a moment to think about how difficult it is, let alone sneak a sip of water. Since I find myself on the road frequently, I'm thrilled when I'm able to keep up my intense workouts at hotels and spas along the way. One spa that has upped the ante for fitness-minded guests is Mii Amo (Sedona, AZ) thanks to its new fitness director Danielle Fryer. Fryer leads four new fitness classes, which offer lots of inspiration for guests who want to challenge themselves or refresh a hum-drum workout program with some new moves focused on toning and shaping the body.

  • ABsolutely Core is a strength training workout focused on the belly and lower back muscles.
  • Step Up is a high-intensity cardio class designed to strengthen and shape the lower body.  
  • Total Body Lift alternates between quick spurts of cardio and weight lifting.
  • For those who want an outdoor workout in the beauty of Sedona’s Boynton Canyon, WOGA combines power walking and nature-inspired yoga postures.

There's something for guests of all fitness levels. Is your spa looking to update its workout offerings? This and this offer some excellent starting points.