Just Keep Running

Heading into the office this morning I shared the train and the streets with a number of elite running teams in town for the TCS New York City Marathon. Running a marathon is an incredible accomplishment, and for me it’s a thrill just to stand along the sidewalks and cheer on the tens of thousands of speedy runners. This year hotels and spas around the city are helping the runners and their cheerleaders have a healthy marathon weekend. We chatted with Vanessa Martin, CEO and founder of SIN Workouts, about her recommendations for marathoners and the fun collaborative events going on this weekend.


Can you tell me more about the marathon-related events SIN Workouts is hosting?

On Saturday morning, SIN Ambassador and Nike master trainer, Rebecca Kennedy will meet any participating runners in the lobby to run to the finish line on West 63rd Street and Center Drive Goal to get familiar with the finish line, so they can visualize their best race.

To top it off, after 6:00pm on Sunday, marathon runners get a free cocktail or beer at The National if they show their medal.—Martin


Do you have go-to stretches after a hard, endurance workout/event like the marathon?

Foam rollers are their best friends. Use it on the large muscle groups that got hit hard—quads, glutes, IT band, and calves. First find a spot that is tight/sensitive and hold the roller on that spot for a good 30 seconds. Staying on the same muscle group, find one more spot and hold there. Save the hamstrings and hip flexors for a static stretch.—Kennedy


What workouts would you recommend to help runners recover next week?

Yoga! Restorative yoga classes would be wonderful for the joints and muscles of the body to loosen up—it's like taking your body to the spa. Also, book yourself a sports massage—before AND after the race!—Kennedy


What nutrition tips do you have for runners of all distances, before, during, and after a race?

Nutrition is going to be based on the individual. By now they know what works and what doesn't. Don't add anything new. Hopefully they've been using gels throughout their long runs. Also eating bananas before and/or during. Alternating between water and Gatorade is a must during a race. You can't just stick to one or the other. And hydration starts days before race day. It's essential!—Traci Copeland, SIN ambassador and Nike master trainer,

Stay tuned on Monday for our picks of post-race spa treatments to relax and rejuvenate tired muscles.