National Puppy Day Wellness Amenities

Today is National Puppy Day, and it's hard to find anything much cuter to celebrate. Since adopting a puppy of my own, I've been noticing all the unique ways animal lovers can pamper their furry friends. I've taken my pup to puppy play groups to ensure she's properly socialized, applied hydrating cream to her paws, and even taken her along on flights. Needless to say, she's living quite the cushy life. I've also tuned into the growing pet pampering offered by luxe resorts and even spas. Here's a few to inspire your spa to add four-legged services.

Guests can treat pups to a luxury staycation at Gansevoort Park Avenue or Meatpacking. Unwind and relax with a facial or massage at Exhale Spa while fido relaxes with Gansevoort Hotel Group’s pet amenity package, which includes luxe bedding, water bowls, branded collar tag and premium treats courtesy of Lord Jameson. Ensuring our pets eat as well as we do, Lord Jameson uses all natural, fresh organic ingredients into healthy gourmet treats to guarantee your four-legged friend is treated like royalty. 

Portrait Firenze, part of the Ferragamo family’s Lungarno Collection, just announced a collaboration with DOGUE, one of the largest Australian brands specialized in luxury dog and pet amenities, to bring luxury and ease of travel to guests’ furry friends. Dogs staying at the Portrait Firenze, will be welcomed upon arrival with a “G’Day Mate Aussie Animal” toy, to take to the park, carry across the Arno River and save it to play with when they return to the hotel and eventually home. Dogs will sleep and relax in complete comfort in one of DOGUE’s soft, luxurious beds and eat in style out of one of the brand’s stunning bowls.


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The Pines Lodge, A RockResort (Beaver Creek, CO) offers travelers the opportunity to give man’s best friend the ultimate pup-cation with the Pines Pup Bucket List. Tails on Trails: Pup-parents will receive maps with the top dog-friendly hiking routes, along with the opportunity to check out GoPros and hiking fourteeners. After all that hard work dogs can enjoy Pampered Pup spa treatments including a doggie massage, bath, and blow-out. Guests can also relive their hiking adventure and check out a GoPro and four-legged-friendly harness to capture their dog's unique perspective. Pup Pillow Service gives pooches a plush doggie bed and leash plus a rawhide bone turndown amenity. 

Carillon Miami Wellness Resort (FL) boasts pets and owners can experience a deeper sense of balance, peace, and connection. During this Energy Healing session, spa-goers learn how to connect to their own energy and body while also attuning to a deeper state of relaxation alongside their furry companion. One of Carillon Miami’s elite Energy Healers, will assess both dog owner and dog's energetic fields and guide them to clear, balance, and energize the seven major centers (chakras). Touch, massage, and aromatherapy will also be used depending on owner and dog's unique goals and needs.  

Sunrise Springs Spa Resort, celebrates puppies year round as proud partners of Assistance Dogs of the West (ADW), an organization that has served the community for more than 20 years. Guests experience the joy of playing with puppies, while helping to train them to become future services dogs. In All About Assistance Dogs! Puppies 101, guests learn the basics of purpose-bred dogs, where they are from, what temperaments they embody and the history and reputation of ADW. The Puppy Enrichment Program looks at what motivates each dog to connect with people and one another. Guests work with ADW professionals to reinforce basic cues and learn how body language, voice, emotion and movement affect the way the dogs learn and respond to their human partners. In Heart Opener with Puppies, guests will pet, hold, and cuddle dogs and get some feel-good hormones moving. It's scientifically proven that looking at a peaceful dog releases oxytocin, which is the same hormone that bonds a mother and child, lowers blood pressure, and reduces cortisol.

XV Beacon, Boston’s chicest boutique hotel, goes all out for canines and their human companions with the “Dazzle Your Dog” package. Upon arrival, dogs are greeted with a “Paws on Arrival” list of the nearby pet-friendly establishments and walking routes, including an off leash dog area in Boston Common. All dogs receive homemade dog biscuits complete with a special welcome note and personalized dish. Pampered pooches can also luxuriate on a plush dog bed in their room, receive “turndown” service of bottled water and play with other furry friends on the roof deck.  For pups looking for the ultimate treat, XV Beacon will set up in-room dog massages upon request. Rates starting from $380, and 100 percent of the suggested $25 pet fee is donated to charity. Dog sitting, walking, and grooming can also be arranged prior to arrival.

Alexandria, VA has been routinely ranked as one of the top pet-friendly cities and it is no wonder why. Alexandria even has its own place for pets to be pampered, the VIP Pet Salon. This high quality pet spa boutique offers a wide range of standard and special pet grooming services. Dogs can receive hot oil treatments, mud treatments, hydrotherapy, massages, facials, or even a special blueberry facial that will help tear stains and reduce bad odor.  Human guests can also learn grooming tips to help keep their pups tangle free.

Guests at Red Mountain Resort (UT) can partake in the Pound Puppy Hike (complimentary), where they are assigned a friendly puppy or dog from a local animal shelter to take on a walk through the beautiful nearby red bluff canyons. Participants have plenty of doggie treats to reward well-behaved pooches, and they have the option to adopt and give them a forever home as well. The Pound Puppy Hike program came about 10 years ago while a hiking guide for Red Mountain Resort was splitting her time between the resort and running the Ivins Animal “No Kill” Shelter. So far, dozens of dogs have been adopted by Red Mountain Resort guests who’ve participated in the walk.