Runner's Relief

The summer weather in New York City has been nearly perfect for running, in my opinion. I’ve added quite a few miles to my sneakers and my various tracking apps. Pounding the pavement makes me realize I need to keep my feet in tip-top-shape with pedicures and DIY nailcare to avoid extra pains. Contrary to what spa industry pros like yourselves might think, not all runners agree and many opt to forgo pedicures altogether. For long-distance runners, the calluses built up over miles and miles are integral to comfort in the next run and race. Lost and discolored toenails are also a common problem, but not something a regular pedicure can solve.

Some spas are finding a way to entice runners, though. As part of the Las Vegas Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon, The Spa at the Mirage Hotel and Casino (Las Vegas) offered a Runner's Relief Pedicure ($80, 50 minutes) for feet and Glut Fatigue ($80, 25 minutes; $130, 50 minutes) for sore legs and Nurture Spa and Salon at Luxor (Las Vegas) offered runners 30 percent off all services. Go! Spa (St. Louis) has included the 10K Runners Pedicure ($60) with great success for years.

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