Off-Season is Prime for Wellness

Prime season is named as such for a reason. Destinations are in high demand at these times because the weather may be perfectly predictable, or the locale gives a respite from whatever ails travelers in search of refuge. Personally, I seek out the less popular times of year whenever I’m planning a trip. I’ve discovered the simple joys of exploring a new region without the crowds. Resorts and destinations are taking advantage of the downtime to introduce unique activities and more wellness offerings to guests who venture out in the off-season. This fall, Gurney’s Montauk introduced a new series of pop-up classes and retreats featuring the hottest fitness instructors and studios like MNDFL, Exhale, and Holly Rilinger. Continuing through the winter and spring, the Seawater Spa is teaming up with Wellthily to bring a stream of expertise from studios and trainers from across the country to enhance guests’ wellness and experience in the off-season. Classes (starting at $25) are available to hotel guests and locals, and visitors can commit to an overnight or full weekend retreat (starting at $500).

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