SoCal Spa Replaces Plastic with Eco-Amenities

The iconic Southern California escape Ojai Valley Inn & Spa plans to eliminate all single-use plastic items throughout Spa Ojai and replace traditional spa amenities with eco-friendly, reusable versions. After the property realized that Spa Ojai guests discarded 24,000 plastic snack cups and 107,120 plastic water cups last year, spa director Kate Morrison sourced alternatives to eliminate that waste and uphold the luxury spa experience. The spa has swapped stainless steel water and snack cups for plastic containers, a swimsuit drying service for plastic bags, and chilled washcloths in place of towelettes. The main goal of the sweeping initiative is to help redefine the standards of the luxury spa experience while inspiring guests to make their own small changes in daily life. The spa makes sure guests notice the changes as well. Water bottle refill stations and other "green" initiatives throughout Spa Ojai will be stamped with a green oak leaf symbol, which will help guide guests through the eco-amenity program, continuously reminding them that by visiting Spa Ojai, they have participated in a conservation movement that directly helps the planet. "Spa has become a lifestyle for many and the concept of 'wellness' is broadening and touching many elements of our daily lives," says Morrison. "As spa professionals, our guests look to us to help guide their wellness journey, thorough fitness, diet, skincare, body work and beyond. I hope our plastic-free initiative inspires our guests to make change in their own lives, and that our industry partners also embrace this movement as we broaden the spa journey to include wellness for the planet."

This is definitely an initiative we can get behind, and encourage you to add eco-friendly alternatives wherever you can.