Trump Hotel Collection Introduces New Wellness Program

Most travelers can admit that they have used a vacation as an excuse to cheat on their diets and exercise routine for a few days. Its no surprise really when you consider that getting healthy food and exercise is harder when away from home. However, access is no longer an excuse at the Trump Hotel Collection, which is debuting the Trump Wellness Program on June 17.

According to chief operating officer Jim Petrus, “With the Trump Wellness program, we are effectively eliminating the challenges that can interrupt a healthy lifestyle when you’re away from home.” Trump Wellness is made up of three core programs: Nourish, which supplies guests with healthier in-room dining such as gluten-free, vegan, and organic options; Quick Bites, an express delivery menu with healthy and delicious options all guaranteed in 15 minutes or less; and Travel Fit, which supplies extensive workout equipment for guests (in their rooms or in the gym), ranging from yoga mats to pre-loaded iPod Shuffles. These three programs may be just the incentive guests need not to stray from their diets and exercise plans, and make maintaining a healthy lifestyle a breeze even when away from home.

What are some ways you encourage your spa-goers to be healthy while on the road?