History of Spa Treatments Traced Back to Ancient Egypt

The history of many beauty treatments,cosmetics,grooming tools, anti-aging techniques...and even plastic surgery scalpels we use in modern times can be traced back to ancient Egypt. I recently visited Egypt for the first time on a press trip hosted by the Egyptian Tourist Authority, Egypt Air, the Four Seasons Hotel in Cairo, the Ritz Carlton in Sharm El Sheik and Wing's Tours.

On display at the Cairo Museum are excavated beauty items such as: the first tweezers, combs, mirrors, intricate hair extensions and wigs, wands used to rim the eyes with kohl made from the soot of burned candles, perfume bottles
filled with essential oils extracted from the sacred blue lotus flower and pots of iridescent eye shadows. Green was made from powdered malachite and blue from the indigo plant. Red rouge was made by grinding hermalite. I
learned so much on this amazing cultural journey, had spa treatments available no where else in the world, and brought back memories that will last a lifetime. Some of my favorite moments were: riding a camel into the dark desert to see the sun come up by the pyramids ... my warm sand bath in a stone tub on the beach at the Ritz Carlton, followed by a massage in an Arabian tent perched on the edge of the Red Sea ... having my feet washed
with warm water, lemons and rose petals at the Four Seasons Hotel Spa ... and then my Cleopatra bath of milk, lemons, cucumbers and flower petals ... the Nile cruise from Aswan to Luxor and the night light show at Karnak Temple ...
the Bedouin buffet dinner out in the desert under the stars where whole lambs were roasted on spits and we were entertained by belly dancers and dancing horses...and the spiritual fulfillment of meditation in the great pyramid.