13 Questions with Spa Director Devon Lodge

Photos courtesy of Naturopathica(Naturopathica Madison Avenue Holistic Healing Center)

Meet Naturopathica Madison Avenue Holistic Healing Center's spa director Devon Lodge, who has traveled the country with various international dance companies.

Barbara Close (left), founder, Naturopathica, and
Devon Lodge, spa director, Naturopathica Madison

American Spa: How many years have you been involved in the spa and hospitality industry?

Devon Logde: I have been working in the spa and wellness industry since 2015, but I’ve been heavily involved in movement and wellness rituals for my entire life.

AS: What was the path that led you into the spa industry?

DL: Throughout my career as a dancer, I practiced healing modalities on a daily basis. Whether attending physical therapy or yoga, the need to use wellness practices to help my body restore and thrive was a daily priority.

AS: What are the most challenging and rewarding parts of working in the spa industry?

DL: For me, the most rewarding part is the community created by a spa, both internally with employees and externally with clients. A spa becomes a safe space for people to work on themselves, and we are the conduits of this transformative experience. Whether someone is coming to our spa for a healing experience or just to spend some time away from their busy life, it’s incredible to offer services that work to heal people.

AS: What has surprised you most about the spa world? 

DL: The spa world is a highly emotional place, and I am always surprised by the amazing personalities that come to find themselves in this industry.

AS: Where do you think the industry is heading?  

DL: As the world becomes more stressful and less humane with global warming, for example, self-care and wellness become more important. Self-care used to be something you did at home, but I think the industry will begin to embrace science in a new way and create treatments that effectively address the stress that is becoming so prevalent in everyday life.

AS: What is the strangest client request you’ve fielded? 

DL: A woman once came in for a two-hour treatment and asked to only have her quads massaged, while lying face up with her eyes open. That therapist no longer works for us.

AS: What is the most bizarre treatment you’ve encountered? 

DL: I was conducting a massage test to interview a therapist that claimed to be very good at deep tissue. When he said, “I bet you like it deep,” I stopped the interview.

AS: What new spa treatment would you like to try?   

DL: This isn’t new, but I would love to travel to Iceland to bask in the natural hot springs there. The idea of so closely communing with nature really inspires me.

AS: What’s your go-to spa treatment? 

DL: My go-to treatment would either be a polarity or chakra healing. I like the energetic healing modalities in general.

AS: What two things about you don’t we know? 

DL: I spent my childhood living three months of every year on a boat off of a small island in the northeast U.S., and throughout my life, I have traveled to most major U.S. cities to dance with international dance companies.

AS: If you could work in any other profession in the world, what would it be? 

DL: I would work in the medical cannabis industry and focus on how the herb can be used to help treat a multitude of maladies. I have seen firsthand how much this plant can do for those suffering with intense imbalances.

AS: How would you sum up your personal philosophy? 

DL: Treat all living things as you would like to be treated. To me, this includes animals and people alike. It’s the golden rule, but it seems to be the one most often forgotten.

AS: What’s the best advice you’ve received?

DL: Have as little in writing as possible.



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