Behind the Brand: Caronlab Australia

Made in Australia from only the highest-quality ingredients, Caronlab Australia has been leading the way in waxing products and industryleading education for over 45 years. “We’re more than just wax; we’re the Waxperience that embodies knowledge, reliability, and performance.”—Lilliane Caron, founder of Caronlab Australia

Q: What are your favorite products among your company’s offerings and why?

A: Brilliance Hard Wax is a hypoallergenic wax with titanium dioxide that reduces skin redness, giving estheticians confidence with every Brazilian XXX treatment.

Q: How is the company helping the industry move forward?

A: Offering one Waxperience at a time, Caronlab educates estheticians on perfecting techniques, product use, and creating a profitable salon and a Waxperience that your clients will return to time and time again.

Q: Of which of your company’s product innovations are you most proud?

A: Caronlab Australia developed the Microwave to Pot™ technology to help make estheticians’ lives easier. The goal was to create the option to have a pot of wax hot and ready to go in a matter of minutes.


“I started Caronlab Australia in 1979 while running my own salon. Frustrated with expensive, inferior, and difficult-to-use Hard and Strip waxes, I set about formulating a range that works for everybody. My aim was to create a brand that can be relied on to deliver excellent results and help estheticians deliver treatments with confidence.” –Lilliane Caron, Founder of Caronlab Australia


Browvado Sculpting Gel Wax Beads have superior grip, allowing for precision sculpting

for all facial waxing — including brow, lip, and beard waxing, not just for your

eyes only.

  1. Browvado Gel Sculpting Wax. Specially formulated for facial waxing, this luxurious sculpting Gel Wax gives you unsurpassed control for precision waxing.
  2. PRO HD - The Future of Waxing is Here. No color, no fragrance, pure ingredients. No allergens means no reactions. It is powerful enough for all hair types. Film Wax Beads or Strip Wax Microwave to Pot™ technology.
  3. Caronlab Australia manufactures Hard, Strip, and Film waxes, ensuring the perfect wax for every waxing treatment. Waxes are available in convenient beads, revolutionary Microwave to Pot™ technology, and Bead bulk buys.

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