Behind the Brand: Prevention Disinfectants

Prevention delivers the highest standard in infection prevention with our EPA-registered Wipes and Ready-To-Use Spray. They are thefastest, safest, and easiest disinfectant for spas and salons.

Q: How does your company differentiate itself from the competition?

A: As the fastest disinfectant on the market, Prevention kills germs in only 1 minute—10 times faster than other disinfectants. It is non-irritating to the eyes and skin and has no harsh chemical smell. Its biodegradable formulation makes Prevention gentle on the environment. Lastly, Prevention is the easiest to use with no mixing or dilution required.

Q: How is the company helping the industry move forward?

A: Prevention offers leading infection prevention solutions, combining superior formulas with educational resources to boost safety and business success for spa professionals and clients.

Q: How does your company strive to be eco-friendly?

A: We introduced the industryfirst refill wipes that reduce plastic by up to 90% and offer easy storage and cost savings. Our biodegradable formulation based on hydrogen peroxide breaks down into water and oxygen, making it gentle for the user and the environment.



“We empower spa professionals with everyday confidence that their spa is clean and healthy

for their clients.”–Milica Petkovic, Director at Virox Technologies


Prevention is manufactured by Virox Technologies, creators of the patented Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide® that powers Prevention. A leader in disinfection since 1998, Virox’s trusted technologies are used in more than 70 countries across various industries.




Prevention Disinfectants Wipes

Achieve faster turnover between clients with Prevention Wipes. This superior formula kills viruses, bacteria, and fungi in only one minute. They are perfect for use on surfaces, workstations, skin and body equipment, treatment rooms, massage tables, and more.

Prevention Disinfectants Spray

Infection prevention is easy with no dilution or mixing with Prevention ReadyTo-Use Spray. Clean and disinfect in one minute spa countertops, chairs, massage tables, pedicure bowls, and more. It comes with dual trigger sprayers with unique foaming capabilities.

Prevention Disinfectants Refill Wipes

Achieve sustainability with Prevention Refill Wipes and make an impact for a greener planet while saving money. Simply reuse your existing Prevention Wipes canister to make it more eco-friendly in your spa.

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