IECSC Las Vegas Educator Spotlight: Nichelle Mosley

Nichelle Mosley is an international award-winning licensed medical aesthetician and corneotherapy specialist based in California and North Carolina. She is an author and CIDESCO-certified, high-achieving esthetic mentor. With her focus on Whole Person wellness, Mosley is the founder of The Skin Barrier Academy, which empowers educators to enhance their own wellbeing, as well as their students and school communities. She utilizes evidence-based corneotherapy and social-emotional learning to address root causes and provide sustainable solutions. In 2022, Mosley published her first book, Advanced Ayurvedic Face Mapping. She will be speaking at the upcoming IECSC Las Vegas show taking place from June 22-24, 2024 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

IECSC Las Vegas Classes: Be Fearless, Be Free: A Mindset Mastery Workshop + Panel and 

Attracting Your Legacy Clients - The Art of Sacred Space

What makes you passionate about your class topics? 

I have two classes! For "Be Fearless, Be Free: A Mindset Mastery Workshop + Panel," I'm passionate about empowering attendees to break free from limiting beliefs and cultivate an unstoppable mindset. This workshop goes beyond just skincare – it's about inner transformation and unapologetically owning your power. 

With "Attracting Your Legacy Clients - The Art of Sacred Space," I'm driven by helping estheticians create sacred spaces that deeply resonate with their ideal clients. It's about intentional self-expression through your environment to manifest the clientele you're truly meant to serve. 

If you could attend one class at IECSC Las Vegas (besides yours), which would it be and why? 

I would absolutely attend Douglas Preston's "Flex Your Comedone Extraction Game". He's legendary in the industry, and his educational seminars are world-class. As an esthetician, extraction technique is paramount, so learning from the GOAT would be invaluable. 

What brands are you most interested in checking out on the IECSC Las Vegas show floor? 

On the exhibitor list, I'm really excited to connect with Dermascope, Esthetics Council, and TAMA Research. Their innovative approaches and commitment to education align perfectly with my passions. 

What's in your beauty bag or travel carry-on? 

My travel essentials include Procell for that supercharged antioxidant boost, my skin buddy cleansing tool for seamless makeup removal, Epicutis Lipid Serum to nourish my skin barrier, Bel Mondo Moisture Renewal Masks for ultra-hydration, and Spray SPF from Global Skin Solutions for seamless sun protection. 

For readers who have never attended an industry trade show, what's the number-one reason they should attend? 

The number-one reason to attend an industry trade show like IECSC is the unparalleled opportunity for growth and connection. You'll gain cutting-edge education directly from leaders, discover emerging trends and products, and build a network with passionate professionals – all under one roof. It's an investment in your career that pays exponential dividends. 

To attend Mosley's class or any of the classes offered at IECSC Las Vegas, be sure to register here to attend IECSC Las Vegas from June 22-24, 2024. What's more, use code AMERICANSPA to get 20% off education classes.