Powerful Protocols: Blue Monarch Facial for Radiance

Welcome to our harmonious journey where nurturing your skin and caring for our planet walk side by side. Embrace a lifestyle that not only enhances your wellbeing, but also plays a pivotal role in creating a healthier, more sustainable world. Together, we have the power to safeguard our oceans, protect wildlife, and forge a brighter future for the generations that follow. At Blue Monarch, we take pride in being more than just a healthy lifestyle company; we are on a mission to make a positive impact on both you and the environment. Our core values revolve around creating products and educating people to embrace a healthier lifestyle while safeguarding the precious ecosystems of our oceans. The Monarch Facial stands as the optimal choice for skin afflicted by sun damage and dark spots. It boasts the ability to promptly enhance skin radiance, while simultaneously rejuvenating and refreshing the complexion.

Step 1: Start the brightening journey by using the Blue Monarch Gentle Facial Cleanser along with the antimicrobial silk sea-sponge. This dynamic duo works to effortlessly remove all makeup and impurities, leaving skin refreshed. Afterward, gently tap the skin dry.

Step 2: Apply the Monarch Mask evenly across the face. Allow the mask to work its magic for 10 minutes. Afterward, indulge in a soothing massage for a few minutes. When you’re ready, delicately remove the mask using the silk sea sponge. Gently tap the skin dry.

Step 3: Elevate your experience with the regenerating Mask. Apply it generously and let its revitalizing effects unfold over 15 minutes. Then, using the silk sea sponge, delicately remove the mask to reveal a radiant complexion.

Step 4: Treat the skin to a balancing sensation by applying the Balancing Toner. Allow it to air dry, setting the stage for the next steps.

Step 5: Embrace luminosity by applying the Brightening Elixir. Gently massage it into the skin, allowing its brilliance to fully absorb.

Step 6: Nurture skin’s vitality with the Anti-Aging Face Cream. Once applied, add a refreshing touch with a spritz of face mist. And don’t forget the essential final touch—apply SPF 50 to safeguard radiant skin from the sun’s embrace.

Photo credit: Blue Monarch

Gentle Facial Cleanser boasts an exceptional blend of strength and gentleness, effectively removing all traces of pollution and makeup without compromising skin’s natural oils.

Regenerating Mask is formulated with turmeric extract and offers exceptional firming and restoration, effectively reestablishing skin equilibrium and reawakening its youthful resilience. Through regular application, it mitigates the progressive manifestations of aging.

Monarch Mask immediately brightens and enhances skin’s radiance, while also balancing, detoxifying, and promoting skin healing. It also revitalizes, refreshes, and enhances various aspects of the skin.

Photo credit: Blue Monarch

"Monarch Facial for Radiance: Experience the transformative effects of brightening, tightening, and rejuvenation in a single treatment! It’s lovely to see the delight on our customers’ faces as they observe the noticeable difference in the mirror.”—Mojgan Anvari-Brumby, Founder and CEO, Blue Monarch Skincare

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