Powerful Protocols: Lira Clinical Anti-Aging Elements - Firming/Brightening Treatment

Step 1 Cleanse and Stimulate: After the initial cleanse, combine Green Power with MYSTIQ iLuminating Cleanser, massaging it into skin for 1 to 2 minutes and then remove.

Step 2 Prime, Detox, and Masque: Apply Primer Plus Solution followed by ICE Refining Masque to begin skin detoxification, allow to dry for 5 to 10 minutes. Before removing, apply MYSTIQ iLuminating Polisher over the top and massage for up to 2 minutes. Allow skin to rest and then remove.

Step 3 Balance and Brighten: Lightly spritz colloidal mineral-rich pH Solution across the entire facial area and then apply 3 to 4 drops of PRO Lite Serum, massaging into skin.

Step 4 Refine and Seal: Apply PRO Retinal-Plus Treatment and massage until it is completely absorbed. Seal by applying 1 to 2 layers of the Mineral Retinol Solution directly over the top.

Step 5 Finish and Protect: Apply MYSTIQ Perfecting Eye Crème and BIO Lip Factor to eyes and lips and finish with SPF Solar Shield 30 Classic Tint.

Photo credit: Lira Clinical


Lira Clinical products are Science Discovering Nature’s Secrets, the secrets of natural skin function and the influence of technologically advanced ingredients as well as the effect of those found in nature. With more than 98 percent of Lira Clinical products containing brightening agents, “Be Bright. Be Beautiful.” is not just a tagline, it’s a promise.

"Understanding the skin means taking a multidimensional look at how the skin functions. Anti-aging protocols should not only address exfoliation, but hydration, balance, and immune function; manage melanin response; and address dermal structure. Every Lira Clinical protocol considers the science of the skin and how it should function naturally. The Anti-Aging Elements protocol is inspired by the fertility of the earth and its ability to renew every season. This protocol stimulates firming and brightening with colloidal minerals, brightening botanicals and MASQ-tech™, marine extracts, and a Hydroxysome® delivery system, returning youthful texture and vibrancy. The immediate changes in the skin are great for the client and rewarding to see as a practitioner.” —Lira Clinical Education Department