Powerful Protocols: Natura Bissé Inhibit Face-Lift

Step 1: Radiance Lifting Peel Apply Radiance Lifting Peel to renew and brighten the skin with an intensive exfoliation without experiencing any redness or downtime. This powerful, but gentle exfoliant consists of a cocktail of acids designed to treat skin pigmentation concerns—resulting in improved elasticity and firmness with enhanced luminosity.

Step 2: Inhibit High Definition Lifting Concentrate Apply Inhibit High Definition Lifting Concentrate to correct and tighten skin. To prepare the skin, a massage designed exclusively by Natura Bissé is performed with the Activating Facial Brush. These energizing maneuvers stimulate microcirculation, boosting maximum oxygenation of facial muscles prior to the application of the regenerative concentrate.

Step 3: Inhibit High Definition Gel-Mask Apply Inhibit High Definition Gel-Mask to fill and hydrate skin with an infusion of hyaluronic acid. This refreshing hyaluronic acid-based mask is the final step in the treatment to promote superior hydrating action, which helps the skin look plumper and more supple, and to minimize the appearance of wrinkles.

Photo credit: Natura Bisse


Radiance Lifting Peel: This brightening, rejuvenating exfoliant includes a cocktail of pyruvic, shikimic, azelaic, maslinic, and lactic acids to help renew skin and lighten the appearance of dark spots.

Inhibit High Definition Lifting Concentrate: This restructuring line-smoothing treatment features octamioxyl, a biomimetic complex, retinol, and copper peptides designed to promote skin regeneration and enhance a youthful appearance.

Inhibit High Definition Gel-Mask: This restoring line-smoothing mask with double hyaluronic acid and boswellia serrata extract help provide a visible filler effect and reduce inflammation to enhance smoother skin.

"Inhibit Face-Lift is an advanced treatment specifically designed to minimize the appearance of expression lines and promote global skin rejuvenation. Thanks to a very powerful cocktail of active ingredients combined with effective massage techniques, the treatment is able to help renew and brighten, correct and tighten, and fill and hydrate skin in just one 60-minute session. When done regularly, the benefits are significantly multiplied.” —Cynthia Aguilar, Director, Education Center of Excellence, Americas Region, Natura Bissé