Sammy Gharieni to Receive “A Life of Beauty Award” at Beauty Düsseldorf

(Photo via Shutterstock)

Sammy Gharieni, founder and CEO of Gharieni Group, will receive the “A Life of Beauty” Award in 2020. The beauty and wellness entrepreneur has led his company through 30 years of manufacturing and supplying treatment beds and other devices for the spa industry. Gharieni Group now distributes products to more than 100 countries in four continents. The award will be presented at Beauty Düsseldorf in Germany next March.

“The principles of successful companies are innovation, investment in research, and multi-disciplinary cooperation,” says Gharieni.  “A worldwide network is indispensable for this.” 

Sammy Gharieni

After graduating from the University of Duisburg with an electrical engineering degree, Gharieni established Electro-Medical Gharieni, which engineered beds for medical treatment, dialysis, and plastics surgery. Gharieni made his break into the spa and wellness industry in 2005 with his new high-tech innovative customizable wellness and treatment beds. Gharieni Group now produces wellness beds, cosmetic and podiatry beds, salon furniture, and medical devices. 

“I am driven by passion, and I absolutely love what I do,” says Gharieni.

Gharieni Group is the Official Spa and Wellness Manufacturer of the Forbes 2019 Travel Guide and was a finalist in American Spa’s 2019 Professional Choice Award categories for Favorite Treatment Table Manufacturer, Favorite Hydrotherapy Equipment Manufacturer, Favorite Nailcare Equipment Manufacturer, and Favorite Company for Manufacturer Support.


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