What's In Your Beauty Bag with Vista Blue Spa's Heidi Clark

Beauty Bag
These five products are a hit with spa directors. // illustration: Klint Callaghan

Heidi Clark, spa director at Vista Blue Spa at Monterey Plaza Hotel & Spa (CA), shares some of her personal faves.

Heidi Clark, spa director, Vista Blue Spa (Monterey, CA)

1. Circadia Micro-Exfoliating Honey Cleanser: “This product makes my skin feel fresh and new every day.”

2. Circadia Aloe & Calendula Calming Mist: “It’s so soothing and perfect. My skin is sensitive and can occasionally flare up. This mist provides instant relief, calming my skin down immediately.”

3. Tara Spa Therapy Antioxidant Créme Mask: “This is a perfect mask to give the skin a boost in a natural and gentle way. It always leaves my skin feeling revitalized.”

4. Pure Fiji Coconut Nourishing Exotic Oil: “As a massage therapist, Pure Fiji coconut oil is wonderful to work with. It glides over skin effortlessly, softening without leaving a residue. Personally, I find it to be an amazing makeup remover as well as a moisturizer in the winter.” 

5. Vista Blue Spa Private Label Eucalyptus Shower Spray: “I cannot wake up without eucalyptus mist in my shower. It is a necessary morning ritual that gets me ready for the day.”


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