F45 Training Names Gunnar Peterson as Chief of Athletics

F45 Training, Austin, Texas, has named Gunnar Peterson as its chief of athletics, and he has designed an exclusive workout for the company, F45 announced on Feb. 8.

As one of his first actions, Peterson designed an ascending weight, pyramid-style resistance workout called GP45 that will launch exclusively in F45 studios globally in April.

Peterson has worked in the fitness industry for 28 years as a personal trainer to professional athletes and Hollywood celebrities, including seven-time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady, former professional boxer Mike Tyson, NBA player Kevin Love, actresses Rebel Wilson and Sofia Vergara as well as the Kardashian family.

He has offered workouts on DVD since the early 2000s, including his Core Secrets DVD series and the Best Ever Hollywood Workout DVD. He wrote “G-Force” in 2005 about training and creating a positive mindset.

He has created exercise machines the Bottom Line, The RAC and Hoop Hands.

Peterson also owns Gunnar Gym Design, a company that designs high-end luxury home and commercial gym spaces, according to his website. In the past, he served as director of strength and endurance for the Los Angeles Lakers.  

“Gunnar is a legend in the professional sports and fitness industries and a renowned coach to professional athletes and Hollywood’s biggest stars, and we are thrilled to welcome him as a partner and member of the F45 family,” F45 President, CEO, and Chairman Adam J. Gilchrist said in the announcement. “We have seen his success with his innovative, diverse training methods and experience from the high-profile clients and organizations he has worked with. We know he is going to be a great partner for F45 as we further strengthen our leading position in the fitness industry.”

F45 offers consumers functional 45-minute workouts, and Peterson said in the announcement that he has long advocated for functional training methods.

“Many of my clients are fans of F45, which I believe is reflective of the strong global community that it has built,” Peterson said. “I whole-heartedly believe in the F45 Training ethos, and I am looking forward to working alongside their world-class team of coaches and programmers to create even more innovative workouts for the brand.