The Physical Activity Alliance Launches National Campaign to Promote Physical Activity

The Physical Activity Alliance (PAA) is urging CEOs in every industry in the United States to sign the CEO Pledge for Physical Activity, a social movement to make physical activity and healthy movement a cultural norm in workplace environments.

The movement launched in October, and commercial club trade association IHRSA, which is a member of the Physical Activity Alliance board, is encouraging CEOs in the fitness industry to be leaders in the effort. Liz Clark, CEO of IHRSA, has already signed the pledge.

The pledge states: "In support of our organization, our employees, our families, and our communities, I pledge to adopt strategies that will provide equitable opportunities for physical activity and healthy movement before, during or after the workday and to enhance my own health and wellness by engaging in regular physical activity."

The purpose of the pledge is to help achieve the goal of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Active People, Healthy Nation initiative to get 27 million Americans more physically active by 2027.

After signing the pledge, leaders are encouraged to:

  • Adopt three strategies that provide opportunity for physical activity before, during or after the workday.
  • Personally engage in regular physical activity
  • Join the CDC’s Active People, Healthy Nation initiative as an organization affiliated supporter.

Once the pledge is signed, the PAA will send an introductory message and a promotional toolkit to the signer. The PAA will add the signer’s name and organization to the online registry of CEO Pledge signers and will share that on social media. In addition, the PAA will let the signer know when there are opportunities to engage with the CEO Pledge network.

The Physical Activity Alliance is a group that focuses on policies and systems to help make active choices easier. In addition to IHRSA, board members include the American Heart Association, American Institute for Cancer Research, American Council on Exercise, American College of Sports Medicine, Tivity Health, NIRSA, California Fitness Alliance, Myzone and National Association of Sports Medicine, among others.