Retro Fitness Offers Free Mental Wellness Programming to Members

Retro Fitness, West Palm Beach, Florida, has partnered with The Art of Living to offer free mental wellness programming to its members through its app and an in-club learning series, the company announced on Dec. 7.

The Art of Living is a global educational and humanitarian non-profit organization founded by humanitarian and spiritual leader Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.

The goal of the partnership is to provide scientifically validated self-improvement techniques and self-development programs to Retro Fitness members everywhere.

The programs, which launched on the Retro Fitness app on Dec. 7 and will drop bimonthly, include meditation, breathing techniques and practical wisdom.

In early 2023, Retro Fitness clubs will begin hosting free lunch and learns and happy hour learning sessions for members. The sessions will be led by experts in alleviating stress and fostering inner peace.

"We strive to give individuals the tools they need to maintain robust mental wellness and resilience, and we look forward to sharing our tools and techniques with the Retro Fitness community," said Rob Trombold, president, The Art of Living Foundation.

As mental health continues to be front and center in society, it was ever-clear and moreover imperative that Retro Fitness offer members a holistic experience that targets, supports and improves their entire wellbeing-physical, emotional and mental, the company said.

"We spend a lot of time discussing how physical exercise helps with mental wellness, but it's inversely as important to note that mental wellness also improves people's physical dimensions," said Victor Bao, chief marketing officer at Retro Fitness. "To improve mental wellness and fitness among our members, our partnership with The Art of Living will deliver a mini training series through our mobile app to improve all aspects of exercise, health and fitness. Aside from improving physical wellness, we recognize that similar to how deep rest can restore stress in the body, we know that deep mental rest can also restore physical stress in the body and that this partnership with The Art of Living instructors brings unique wellness experiences to our members everywhere."

Retro Fitness also has other partnerships to help members with their health and fitness. Members can explore healthy cooking shows with Culinary Institute of America’s professional chefs and renowned experts and published authors in nutrition ranging from raw food to vegan eating. 

Another partnership offers members music through The Beat at Retro Fitness where underground labels drop music in-club before it drops in America. 

“We care so much about people that we don’t receive a financial benefit, other than the goal of members staying with us longer and wanting to be part of our brand,” Bao said. “People love brands that love them back — the fact that we care about people shows we do love them back.”