Build the Sales Skills and Sales Confidence of Your Health Club Sales Staff

Most people hate being sold to. Admit it, even you hate it. Think about walking into a clothing store and being "accosted" by the sales clerk about whether he or she can help you with anything. No, you think, I just want to look on my own. Don't follow me around the store, please.

It's no wonder the job of a salesperson or sales director at a health club can be one of the most stressful jobs in the business. But when you are armed with the right skills and the right mindset, the stress level of a sales job can be lowered and the confidence of a salesperson can be raised. That leads to better sales experiences for prospects, more members and more revenue for your health club.

The Club Industry Show is here to do its part in helping you with sales. For the second year, the Sales track at the Club Industry Show, Oct. 4-6 at the Hilton Chicago, was developed by Karen Woodard, president of Premium Performance Training. Check out these sessions and sign up today to move your sales skills and those of your staff forward.

Integrating Program Sales for Member Success & Profitability

In this advanced sales session, Scott Gillespie, president of Saco Sport & Fitness and principal consultant at Gillespie Club Services, will  identify the many opportunities to engage members in club programs, specifically personal training, small group training and wellness programs. This process mproves retention through better member onboarding and improves the profitability of these programs.

Double Your Sales in the Next 6 Months

Ric Isaac, sales manager for Fit for Health, will share how to trainers and salespeople can turn their negative attitude about selling around and double their revenues (and income).

Training for Sales Success: Newbie to Veteran

Too many clubs allow their guests to be toured and presented by staff who lack the knowledge and training necessary to provide a lasting experience with their clubs. In this session, Adrian Antigua, regional manager of Gainesville Health and Fitness Club, will identify the characteristics of a successful training program to prepare your sales staff from the complete novice to the seasoned veteran to ensure the best member onboarding experience.

Best Sales Management Tools

Find out the sales management tools and tips that Antigua, Gillespie, Woodard and Daniela Spaid, director of sales, marketing and public relations at Fitness Formula Clubs, will share in this panel session where you get to ask your pressing questions on the topic with the goal of helping you maximize your sales results.

Sales for Success: Understanding the Client Mindset

Kurt Gillon, fitness coach at Balanced Fit Life Training Studio, shares how to get into the mind of a prospect or client to get them ready to mentally address their need to change, including effective pre-qualifications with potential clients, how to complete the sales consultation for results-driven closing and post training sales methods for client retention and referrals.

Tips and Tools: A Personal Trainer's Guide to Selling Without Selling
In this session, Adrianne Gabel, health and fitness manager for Barrington Park District, will help personal trainers overcome the struggles and uncomfortable feeling they may get when asking for money. Learn to pick apart personality traits and overcome common objections to improve your training business.

How to Create and Run Effective Sales Meetings

Woodard will share in this session the key elements that every good sales meeting must have, how to deliver it creatively and effectively, and how to keep the inspiration going after the meeting is over. 

Getting It All Done When You Are the Only One in Sales

Whether you are a small, medium or larger business, the job of sales requires a lot of work to do it completely and successfully. This session, presented by Woodard, will not only provide a checklist for top performers but also a system with which to get it all done when you are the only one involved in sales at your facility.

Make sure to register for these sessions and the Club Industry Show before prices increase on Sept. 12. You can pick from an all-access conference pass, a single-day pass, a four-session pack or a single session ticket. If you are bringing several staff members, please check out our group discounts.