Intelligent Spas Publishes First Regional Report on Spa Industry Benchmarks

Intelligent Spas is the first to publish a report directly comparing consistent spa profile benchmarks of key markets within the Asia Pacific region. Presenting over 2,300 statistics, the Spa Industry Profile Benchmarks Asia Pacific report evaluates spa industries in Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Taiwan, highlighting key similarities and differences at industry level, plus breakdown analysis of day spas versus destination spas within each country.

Spa industry benchmarks are used by a range of businesses including developers, investors, suppliers, management companies, consultants, educators, associations, government and tourism agencies, to develop and deliver relevant products, services and initiatives for each specific spa market, as well as to identify new business opportunities. Benchmarks also provide critical information for spa businesses to monitor performance and maintain competitiveness.

Julie Garrow, Managing Director of Intelligent Spas stated the regional comparisons provide vital facts for those considering entering the region, as well as deliver reliable data to those already established. These benchmarks are very useful in helping businesses understand market environments in order to operate effectively. Our industry surveys achieve excellent response rates due to our 100% independence policy, resulting in the supply of very reliable information.

Examples of information compared in the report include:

- Ownership, management and marketing models.

- Breakdown of indoor space, by type of spa.

- Number, type and breakdown of treatment rooms and stations, by type of spa.

- Supporting facilities available, if owned by the spa or access arranged, by type of spa.

- Facilities available by gender-shared or separate, by type of spa.

- Therapies, treatments, services and programs available, by type of spa.

- Complimentary refreshments provided, by type of spa.

- Pricing of standard spa treatments.

- Industry trends and observations stated by spa owners and managers.

The report also contains the following interesting findings:

- The Philippines has the highest proportion of club spas.

- A higher proportion of spa chains operate in Singapore in comparison to other markets.

- Day spas in Singapore contain the largest average indoor area.

- Day spas in the Philippines have the highest number of treatment rooms.

- Day spas in Indonesia are designed with more semi-private and public treatment rooms.

- Spas in Malaysia are the least likely to conduct treatments in hotel rooms.

- Steam rooms are most commonly found in Taiwan spas.

- Thalassotherapy (sea water) is most commonly offered in Taiwan and Indonesia.

- Higher proportions of Australian spas offer Vichy showers.

- Spas in the Philippines offer the lowest starting price for massage.

- Indonesia spas are most likely to use 'spa' in their business name.

The new Spa Industry Profile Benchmarks Asia Pacific report is available for purchase and immediate download from

About Intelligent Spas

Intelligent Spas is a 100% independent research company specialising in the spa industry. Founded in Singapore in 2001, it successfully pioneered spa industry research in the Asia Pacific region and continues to publish a range of Spa Operations Manuals, Spa Consumer Surveys and Spa Industry Surveys to assist the development and growth of this important industry