2015 Nip and Tuck Trends

The American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS) has released its predictions for popular procedures in facial plastic surgery in the coming year. “We expect the interest in cosmetic procedures—both surgical and non-surgical—to continue to climb in 2015 due to the improving economy, increased consumer awareness and a growing comfort level with the safety of cosmetic treatments,” says Stephen Park, M.D., facial plastic surgeon and president of the AAFPRS. Getting a little work done no longer holds the stigma it once did and here's what eager patients are likely to ask for this year:


Blurred Lines

The line between cosmetic and reconstructive facial plastic surgery will fade. “Today someone who wants a rhinoplasty for functional reasons may also desire a cosmetic benefit, and people who opt for the procedure to correct a bump or another concern also want to breathe better,” says Park.


It’s All About the Combination

In 2015, one plus one will equal five or more as facial plastic surgeons learn that stacking procedures – whether fillers plus neurotoxins to smooth wrinkles or laser-assisted drug delivery to ensure that an active ingredient effectively reaches its target tissue – can exponentially increase the benefits of individual stand alone therapies.


Smile, You’re Still on Facebook

The selfie trend shows no sign of expiring in 2015. Growing numbersof teens to seniors are seeing themselves all over social media, and are more cognizant of their appearance on these networks. Expect an uptick in requests for rhinoplasty, eyelid rejuvenation and neck contouring and other facial plastic surgery procedures based on theseimages and the social media era.


On Golden Pond

Seventy is the new 50 and there is nothing stopping today’s active seniors from looking as young as they feel and act. “It is increasingly common for women and men in their 60s and 70s to seek out the expertise of facial plastic surgeons to maintain a youthful appearance," says Park. "As less invasive techniques continue to evolve, coupled with people living better and longer, there is really no maximum age for cosmetic procedures anymore. A recent study showing that even octogenerians are at no higher risk for complications from cosmetic surgery when compared to their younger counterparts will likelyencourage even more seniors to seek cosmetic enhancements in the New Year.


Bright Eyes

Advances in rejuvenating the delicateeyelid areaare exploding. Procedures tobrighten aging eyes and rehabilitatelower eyelid bags and crepey skin will soar in 2015. “When it comes to rejuvenation procedures, blepharoplasty often offers the most bang for the buck. The surgery can be performed in an accredited ambulatory surgery center under local anesthesia by a board certified facial plastic surgeon. It can take years off your face, with minimal risks, side effects and recovery time,” says Park. For patients wishing to avoid surgery, there is a myriad of non-surgical treatments that can also be effective in this area.


Fat Still Phat

Fat grafting will continue to be the biggest game in 2015 thankstorefinements in harvesting techniques as well as more reliable, reproducible results with or without facial surgery. “Research on the power of stem cells and growth factors found in fat will also help confirmthe place for fat in the facial plastic surgery hall of fame,” says Park.


The Small Stuff

Facial plastic surgeons are seeing more patients asking for little tweaks that can have a big impact on their overall appearance and self esteem. For example, earlobe reduction, injecting fillers into creases in front of the ears and intothe hollows of the face such as the temples and jawline, using energy based devices to remove moles and birthmarks, lifting the upper lip through hidden incisions under the nostrils, as well as soft lifts using resorbable suture material to gently lift up sagging cheeks, brows, and jowls.


Coming Soon to a Syringe Near You

While no one knows exactly when the FDA will act, many facial plastic surgeons are bullish about a new fat-melting injection to help reduce the appearance of double chins, as well as a new topical form of Botox. The FDA nod could come some time in 2015. Stay tuned.