Alastin Skincare Publishes New Study Findings About TransFORM

Photo credit: Alastin (Photo credit: Alastin)

Alastin Skincare announced the publication of a clinical study and scientific article highlighting the beneficial results of daily use of the product TransFORM Body Treatment with TriHex Technology (TransFORM). The body treatment with patented TriHex Technology had shown in previous studies to complement popular non-invasive fat reduction and skin-tightening procedures, accelerating outcomes by supporting the body's natural repair processes but in a new randomized, blinded, controlled study, TransFORM was demonstrated to provide skin smoothing effects and the appearance of more youthful-looking skin when used twice daily, without any procedures. "TransFORM had an even more pronounced effect on the level of smoothness and production of new collagen and elastin in non-sun exposed skin. This supports the concept of "Prejuvenation" (early treatment to prevent the appearance of aging). Early treatment of the skin with a product such as TransFORM prior to extensive sun exposure may help strengthen the skin and reduce the appearance of aging even after exposure to the sun, which is the cause of 90 percent of skin aging."

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