Alma Launches New Laser Platform

Alma Hybrid helps with skin rejuvenation and scar revision. Photo credit: Alma

Alma recently unveiled its new Alma Hybrid platform, which is designed to enable endless options of ablative, non-ablative, and thermal treatments for skin rejuvenation and scar revision. It creates a synergistic effect by combining the power of three core energies, including CO[2] laser, 1570nm laser, and IMPACT for transepidermal delivery (TED) which is Alma's patented ultrasound technology. The new platform includes HyGrid, Alma's novel hybrid applicator, which facilitates a customized skin-program matrix for any desired combination of ablation vs. non ablation ratio within the treated area. In addition, Alma Hybrid smart software serves as a key solution component, which enables practitioners to craft signature treatments that bring their unique skills and experience into action. "We are extremely proud to deliver the magic behind the scenes that enables top practitioners to bring their skills and experience to light," says Lior Dayan, CEO of Alma. "This is a milestone for us as a company, as well as for all medical professionals who will be using it, and for the patients who will enjoy its remarkable results."


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