ASDSA Bestows Patient Safety Hero Awards

The American Society for Dermatologic Surgery Association (ASDSA) announced the winners of its Patient Safety Hero Awards during the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery (ASDS) Annual Meeting in Chicago. Lawrence J. Green, M.D., and David J. Watts, M.D., received the awards and were recognized for their active roles in the promotion and protection of patient safety in dermatologic procedures. “This year’s honorees made a real difference in enhancing patient safety,” says Naomi Lawrence, M.D., ASDSA president. “ASDSA is proud to salute their efforts in this critically important advocacy role.”

Green worked in Maryland on several patient safety issues, assisted the Resident State Advocacy Work Group with educational videos and testified before the Food and Drug Administration (FDA )on behalf of ASDSA regarding Kybella’s Kythera, which was recently approved. He is also chair of the ASDSA Research and Policy Priorities Work Group. Watts is a member of the ASDSA State Affairs Work Group and was active in the successful effort to pass the truth in advertising bill in Nebraska.

Additionally, the Nebraska Dermatology Society received the State Dermatological Society Patient Safety Hero award for its work to pass Legislative Bill 452 containing amendments to the Uniform Credentialing Act that set new truth in advertising standards. Nebraska State Senator Robert Hilkemann, who sponsored the bill, was recognized as the State Legislative Patient Safety Hero and received his award at the Nebraska Medical Association Annual Membership Meeting this fall.