Biophotas Partners With ChangeWell Training Academy

Biophotas, manufacturers of Celluma, has partnered with ChangeWell Training Academy to offer an online training course. ChangeWell has new a 10-hour professional online training course, Inside Skin Beauty, that teaches steps practitioners can take to provide clients with a personalized, comprehensive skin beauty program that includes professional assessment, personalized diet, intelligent supplementation, and bio stimulation, such as Celluma LED Light Therapy. The course is based off of the book by Mark J. Tager, M.D., founder of ChangeWell, Feed Your Skin Right. “One of the key factors in creating naturally glowing and radiant skin is to promote mitochondrial health. The inside out approach involves personalized diet and intelligent supplementation," says Tager. "But we can do even more from the outside in. Celluma Light Therapy leads the way with safe, effective devices that that add the extra dimension of biostimulation to a personalized skin beauty program.”