Brazilian Butt Lift Perfected

brazilian butt lift

By nature the behind is not front and center, but enhancing the rear view has become big business. Procedures like the Brazilian Butt Lift have outpaced breast enlargement surgeries last year helping women achieve the sleek curvy physique. Lawrence Broder, M.D., at Beleza Medspa (Austin, TX) has been perfecting the Brazilian Butt Lift for clients in search of those perfect curves. Unlike invasive and alien silicone implants, this two-for-one surgery shapes the backside with fat liposuctioned from elsewhere on the body. We chatted with Broder to get his thoughts on the procedure and the growing popularity of robust rears.


Why are derriere-enhancing procedures such a focus right now?

These procedures are more popular because media figures like Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, and Nicki Minaj have made shapely, large derrieres so popular.  I also believe the increasing Hispanic population in the U.S. has also contributed to this craze.  Big butts are definitely more popular in South America.


Can you explain how and why this particular technique works?

The Brazilian Butt Lift is such a great procedure because it basically moves fat from where clients don't want it, to where they do want it.  It is pure body sculpting, with emphasis on creating a tighter waist.  The combination of making the waist and back smaller as well as transferring fat to the buttocks, produces a more prominent and shapely rear-end.


What makes your surgery unique and stand out from the competition?

I have performed hundreds of these procedures and over 2000 liposuction cases.  What I enjoy about lipo is the artistry and expression of my creative side.  No two cases are ever the same.  The Brazilian Butt Lift allows me to perform true body contouring;  I believe I possess the eye to sculpt a beautiful waist and back as well as accentuating the buttocks.


Who is the ideal patient?

The ideal patient is in good health, and age doesn't matter!  They are slightly overweight and you can see they have a figure that just needs to be sculpted out.


What are the most common requests and concerns of patients?

Patients read a lot online and get obsessed with the amount of fat transferred.  I try to stress to them while this is important, body sculpting of the waist and back is equally important.


How do you recommend patients maintain the boost they achieve with the treatment? And any specific aftercare requirements?

They cannot sit on it for three days and as little as possible for the first week.  After that they have to wear their compression garment, massage their lipo areas and watch their diet and exercise.  It takes weeks to months for the swelling to resolve.  We can always go back and add more fat if desired.


What do you predict for the future of butt lifts?

There is no substitute for the artistic skills of a good surgeon, so I do not see technology making a big difference.  We recently switched to a new system that allows us to harvest and transfer the fat without exposing it to air and with minimal manipulation.  We have begun to see even better results with this new system.


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