Cartessa Aesthetics Introduces Helix by DEKA

Cartessa Aesthetics and its manufacturing partner, DEKA, have been at the forefront of skin resurfacing innovation in North America and today introduces the newest resurfacing innovation HELIX - advanced fractional ablative CO2 and non-ablative technologies in one device. HELIX features exclusive pulse shape control that makes the CoolPeel treatment possible – and adds a 1570nm fiber laser to use alone or in combination. Helix uses 70 watts of power and the widest variety of low-downtime treatment options with seven mixed sequential and alternating modes, enabling providers to expertly tailor ablative and non-ablative resurfacing treatments. 

Helix delivers an optimal patient experience with three branded protocols: CoolPeel, Sultra, and unique combination resurfacing treatment Fusion.   

  • CoolPeel: DEKA's high-peak-power H-Pulse delivers a no-downtime, advanced fractional CO2 ablation with minimal damage to surrounding tissue and without side effects seen with traditional methods. 
  • Sultra: Exclusive to Helix, this non-ablative 1570nm fractional laser gently denatures tissue by targeting water, leaving behind a smooth, youthful complexion in all skin types.
  • Fusion: By mixing both fractional ablative and non-ablative energy in single-scan sequential and alternate modes, Fusion vaporizes and coagulates tissues in as little as 5-minute treatment sessions for enhanced results and minimized healing time. Only Helix's Fusion can combine three CO2 pulse shapes with non-ablative in variable mixed modes and depths for exceptional skin resurfacing customization.