Cartessa Aesthetics Unveils Physiq 360 Non-Invasive Body Contouring Treatment

Cartessa Aesthetics recently launched Physiq 360, a non-invasive body-contouring treatment. Building on the versatility and impressive results of Physiq, Physiq 360 provides more customizable and optimized treatments to reduce fat and build muscle in the widest range of skin and body types. Physiq 360 is engineered to address the persistent challenges of achieving desired body goals, offering a holistic solution that includes fat reduction through laser energy (LZR) and muscle stimulation (EMS), administered separately or sequentially in a single session via exclusive Sequential Thermal & Electrical Pulse (STEP) technology. Physiq 360’s laser energy (LZR) is the first of its kind to incorporate a proprietary Pure Beam technology, which optimizes laser beam quality and heat delivery to ensure a more uniform fat reduction, proper deep penetration, and a high volume of fat being treated. Cutting-edge EMS electrodes deliver strong muscle contractions, with up to four applicators that can be programmed independently to target multiple body areas effectively at once.

Physiq 360 offers fully customizable treatment plans based on a patient’s body type and end-goal. With an average recommended treatment plan of five sessions spaced one to two weeks apart, clients can expect a personalized approach that can be adjusted throughout their wellness journey. Unlike traditional methods that may require extensive time commitments and discomfort, Physiq 360 maximizes results while minimizing both treatment time and downtime, ensuring a seamless integration into a patient’s regular routine. “The body shaping and weight-loss category have been forever changed with the proliferation of injectable weight loss medications,” says Gabe Lubin, founder and CEO of Cartessa. “The use of such remedies are becoming more commonplace, and in order to alleviate unwanted side effects and issues with sustained usage, more providers are looking at holistic programs that integrate aesthetic technology. Physiq 360 is the only device that selectively targets fat and sequentially re-educates muscles in one device to address the variable needs along an individual’s weight loss journey."