Cleavage Cure

With summer and warm weather moving in and the prospect of skin bearing fashions quickly approaches, the décolletage area comes under more scrutiny than ever. The upper chest is exposed to a tremendous amount of sun over a lifetime and as a result, this delicate area can develop brown spots, redness, rough texture, and wrinkles. Many women begin to notice fine lines and discoloration on the chest area as early as their thirties.

A woman’s neck and cleavage have long been one of the most alluring and irresistible parts of her body, and no woman ever wants to see creases forming between her breasts. Not only is the skin thinner in this area, it also has fewer oil glands. Combine this with years of unprotected sun exposure and the natural breakdown of collagen, the telling sign of aging often show up here first. While most women focus most of their anti-aging efforts on the face, the skin beneath the neck can reveal age in an instant despite a youthful looking countenance.

They say “there ain’t no cure for the summertime blues,” but thanks to Leif Rogers, M.D., FACS, there is a cure for a lifetime of summer sun exposure and the ravages it can wreak on the chest area. His three-step solution can reverse the signs of sun damage and aging skin, making the décolletage noticeably more smooth, even and summer-ready so women can proudly wear their bikinis, tank tops and summer dresses when the weather gets warmer.


Rogers’ Three-Steps for Cleavage Care and Repair

Step 1: Ultherapy—Ultherapy is the only non-invasive procedure approved by the FDA to lift the chin/jowls, neck, eyebrows and, recently, chest area. Ultherapy delivers focused energy into the deeper layers of the skin, without disrupting the surface, to stimulate the growth of new collagen, resulting in a natural tightening and lifting of the skin that improves over 3 months and lasts for over 2 years. This procedure does not require any downtime and patients can return to their normal activities after a session. “Ultherapy uses more energy than lasers and can treat deeper layers of skin with little visible healing,” says Rogers. "It not only improves lines and wrinkles; it even has a breast-lifting component.”


Step 2: Laser resurfacing—Rogers recommends either one treatment of fractional Dot CO2 Therapy, three Fraxel Dual treatments or up to six Clear + Brilliant treatments to rejuvenate the skin. For individuals with more serious sun damage, the powerful Dot CO2 Therapy uses a carbon-dioxide laser to deliver concentrated and controlled energy to the skin, triggering the production of collagen and newly formed cells. The result? Smoother skin, reduction of “sun spots” and blotchiness as well as overall tightening.

Clear + Brilliant is more comfortable and has less downtime than the Dot CO2 Therapy or Fraxel Dual treatments, but can still achieve great results with multiple treatments. This option is used to improve tone, texture, pigmentation and pore size, giving skin a more youthful, radiant glow. This resurfacing treatment enhances the skin’s elasticity by kicking collagen production into overdrive.

For patients seeking a skin resurfacing treatment with little to no downtime, Rogers recommends three non-ablative Fraxel treatments. This option prioritizes comfort by using a less invasive non-ablative laser to stimulate the skin without harming any surrounding tissue. This treatment can significantly improve the appearance of fine lines and sun damage with multiple treatments.


Step 3: Topical treatments—To maintain a smooth and pigment-free décolletage, Rogers recommends always applying sunscreen to the neck and chest during the day to protect the skin from future damage.  A cream containing Vitamin C should also be used regularly, as well as a lightening agent and retinol for hyperpigmentation and discoloration.

With just a little maintenance and a few treatments, women can remain looking forever young from the chin down and can wear their favorite low-cut tops without fear all year long.