Crown Aesthetics and GetHarley Unveil Pioneering Relationship

In a move set to reshape the landscape of skin biome care in the United Kingdom (UK) and Ireland, Crown Aesthetics has announced a business relationship with GetHarley, a leader in digital health and wellness. This relationship, featuring the acclaimed Biojuve brand, is poised to revolutionize how individuals approach skincare.

GetHarley offers the first telehealth platform connecting individuals to experienced clinicians for a personalized discovery of products and treatments for acne all the way to graceful aging. GetHarley stocks the brands the skincare specialists believe in and want to recommend to their patients. Its clinicians curate personalized skincare plans for each patient, and now they can include the Biojuve products. Those clinicians who have not yet joined GetHarley can now sell Biojuve through the platform, and those already working with it can now add Biojuve products to their digital shelf. Biojuve is only available via clinicians, supported by GetHarley, who only works with qualified skincare experts, supporting their businesses and helping them care for their patients' skin health. "I am thrilled to witness the convergence of Crown Aesthetics, Biojuve, and GetHarley," says Andy Moulton, vice president, International Sales for Crown Aesthetics. "This epitomizes our commitment to redefining the skin biome care category in the UK and Ireland and unlocking new realms of accessibility and personalization in the global aesthetics market. Together, we embark on a journey to empower individuals with innovative solutions, seamlessly blending cutting-edge technology with premium skin biome care experiences."

Key Highlights of the relationship:

  1. Elevated Skin Biome Care: This combines the expertise of Crown Aesthetics and the innovative Biojuve product line with GetHarley's cutting-edge digital platform. The result is an unparalleled approach to skin biome care that integrates advanced technology with premium skincare solutions.
  2. Personalized Experiences: Individuals in the UK and Ireland can now enjoy personalized skincare experiences like never before. Biojuve, combined with GetHarley's digital capabilities, enables tailored recommendations and treatment plans based on each individual's unique skin profile.
  3. Virtual Consultations for all: The relationship brings virtual consultations to the forefront of skincare accessibility. Through GetHarley's platform, users gain access to experienced skincare professionals, ensuring expert advice is just a click away.