The Debate About At-Home LED Devices

At-home LED light-therapy devices are growing in popularity, because they give clients the ability to treat their own skin in between spa visits, but industry experts have differing opinions when it comes to the effectiveness of handhelds. 

  • The Positive Approach: “It is convenient and can be used to enhance and prolong the results you get after doing a spa treatment,” says Yang Phan, vice president of marketing for InMode. Handheld devices allow spa-goers to treat areas more closely and spot treat rather than expose the entire face to the light, says Fox Vein Care’s Jill Caruso. “It is nearly impossible to mess your skin up with an LED light, so this is a great at-home alternative,” she says. 


  • Proceed with Caution: Lightwave’s Mike Poling cautions consumers using handhelds. These devices are making people believe a handheld can do it all, but the handhelds’ effectiveness is being oversold, he says. “If you take the clinical studies and apply that to handheld and home devices, 99 percent of them don’t meet the clinical standard,” he says. 

Dr. Dennis Gross SpectraLite LED Mask

SpectraLite: This LED mask from Dr. Dennis Gross targets crow's feet and 11 lines in the eye area using 72 LED lights. It stimulates collagen production and is FDA approved.