Dermalogica Offers Course on Melanin-Rich Skin

Dermalogica is launching a free course for skin therapists to better treat melanin-rich skin, called Treating Melanin-Rich Skin. Melanin-rich skintones are often under-represented in the professional skincare industry’s education, as textbooks often feature lighter skin tones on models and in medical illustrations, and classes and training don't always discuss how skin conditions present in darker skin tone variations, which leads to inequaities in care. Melanin-rich skin tones are categorized as Fitzpatrick levels IV-VI. 

The course has three self-led modules. The first module focuses on cultural intelligence (CQ) to strengthen communication and improve the client experience. The second module discusses the  science of melanin and melanin-rich skin structure, as how melanin affects skin conditions such as aging, hyperpigmentation, breakouts, sensitivity, and more. Participants will learn how to offer effective skin treatments for these skin conditions and types of ingredients to use and avoid when treating melanin-rich skin. The third module will address advanced skin services, focusing on chemical peels, microneedling, nanoinfusion, dermaplaning, and LED. The course also details precautions and contraindications that may be present with melanin-rich skin, guiding the professional on how to perform each of these services successfully. The course can be found at, and currently offered in seven languages.