Don't Lose Business: Making Sure Clients Know About All Your Services

Medical Spa Treatment (YakobchukOlena/iStock / Getty Images Plus)

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) has recorded a total of about 1.7 million cosmetic surgeries in 2017. The most requested procedure was breast augmentation followed by liposuction. However, clients often seek a range of services, and they may not know that your medical spa offers more than invasive procedures and injectables. If you offer a range of services at your medical spa, make sure your clients know about them. Educating clients on your full menu is an easy way to increase bookings. And remember, not all patients are armed with a ton of knowledge. Explain the benefits of each treatment in clear terms. Here are some treatments to remind clients about:  

• Contouring techniques -- ultrasound and radiofrequency: "In addition to lasers and injectables, rejuvenation and contouring techniques include ultrasound, radiofrequency and more," says aesthetician Mary Milidantri at Simply Posh Aesthetic Spa

• CoolSculpting:  "It's a great example of increased non-surgical options," says Jayme Bashian, director and lead medical aesthetician at Simply Posh Aesthetic Spa, of the procedure, which freezes fat cells to eliminate them. "For targeted removal of stubborn fat, I think CoolSculpting is the safest, most effective treatment available. It came out in 2007, and, to this day, I still find the results incredible. You can spot treat and reduce fat in just one session, without downtime."

• Microneedling: "It's one of my favorite procedures," says aesthetician Mary Milidantri at Simply Posh Aesthetic Spa. "Microneedling triggers the body's natural healing: Each tiny needle creates a tiny channel – or micro-wound – in the skin. In turn, the body stimulates fibroblasts and growth factors to fill in new collagen and elastin. This helps aging skin and also can address mild scarring, like that caused by acne. The process lasts less than an hour, with little downtime."


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