ESPA Life VIVA Med Improves Long-term Wellbeing

ESPA Life at Corinthia Hotel London and VIVA Mayr Clinic (Austria) have joined forces to offer clients ESPA Life VIVA Med, which features innovative treatments and a commitment to total wellbeing. Here, visitors can take advantage of personalized treatment plans, including applied kinesiology muscle testing, orthomolecular testing, nutrition advice, and a cleansing program based on the Modern Mayr Medical Philosophy, developed by Franz Xaver Mayr, M.D., at the turn of the 20th century. Corinthia London is the city’s first hotel to offer its own range of therapies in combination with Mayr philosophies as well as access to VIVA Mayr Clinic doctors. The clinic’s founders, Christine Stossier, M.D., and Harald Stossier, M.D., promote proper care of the digestive system and eating habits as a way to avoid illnesses and injury and prolong vitality. ESPA founder Sue Harmsworth agrees, saying, “Our revolutionary spa, spread over four floors and covering approximately 35,000 square feet at Corinthia Hotel London, advocates a wellness concept based on prevention and lifestyle so our partnership with VIVA Mayr is a perfect marriage of philosophies."