Fit for the Future

Next Health (Los Angeles) is a breath of fresh air in Southern California’s crowded aesthetics space. The 1,300-square-foot medical spa welcomes clients with a bright, modern lobby and retail area and offers a cryotherapy chamber, an IV Lounge, and two treatment rooms. We chatted with president Kevin Peake to learn more about this new health and wellness center and how it’s carving out a niche in the city.

Why did you decide to open a medical spa? Our goal was not necessarily to open a medical spa, but I guess to an extent we did create a futuristic med spa. My business partner is a doctor, and I have always been into health and wellness and collaboratively we wanted to create an environment that was a fusion of traditional and nontraditional medicine where we would bring the greatest treatments and technologies the world had to offer under one roof. But it was very important to us that it did not feel like a sterile doctors office. The feel of Next Health is a combination of an Apple Store meets a beautifully designed home with many little comforts. We want people to feel transformed to another place from the second they walk in Next Health.

Where did the name come from? We set out to create a Next generation health and wellness center so Next Health just fit everything about our concept.

What makes it unique? We have taken the best treatments and technologies available in the world and put them under one roof to make them easily accessible in a premium retail environment. We give people access to things they wouldn't normally have. Secondly and without giving too much away, our culture is incredibly special. Each of our team members cares so much about our customers, and they make sure every experience is unforgettable.

What went into the décor and interior design selected for the space? The design is very important to us and when you come to our space, you will see how everything ties together, from the sight, smell, sound, touch, taste, and heart, we connect with all senses. Its is futuristic, clean, and minimalistic but still warm and inviting. We have a lot of unique lighting details, like hidden LED lights that run the entire length of the top and bottom of the space giving it a subtle glow and back lit shelving. All of the furniture was custom built to the space and we used a neutral color palette mixed in with feng shui. The entire storefront window that faces Sunset Boulevard is seamless glass giving it a very open feel with beautiful natural light and we have fresh flowers throughout the space.

What services are offered? Cryotherapy, IV therapy, genetic testing, hormone optimization, medical aesthetics along with other tests like food sensitivity tests. We also have our own line of Next Health supplements which are not your average supplements, these are made to offer to people based on their genetic test results.

What is the signature service? All of our services are signature! We have team of medical advisors that vet all the services with us to make sure we are offering only the best with the latest technologies. Customers have confidence knowing when they come to Next Health they are getting the best services and treatments possible.

Who are your typical clients? Active men and women who want to take their health to the next level and optimize they life.

What are common concerns that bring them in? It’s not so much that people come in with concerns, but people come in who want to live an optimized life. People who want to extent their life span and health span.

What are the most popular treatments/services? Cryotherapy and IV therapy are the most popular, but we do have a lot of people coming in for medical aesthetics, hormones and genetics as well.

What is the medical spa scene like in the region? There are a lot of medical spas in Los Angeles but no one is doing something like Next Health, so the reception has been incredible. People are excited for something new and innovative.

How do you market your services? We have been fortunate enough to have not had a need for any marketing so far. We opened July 1st and the word of mouth has been tremendous!