Four Benefits of a Photo Gallery for Your Spa

If you run medical spa, a website is obviously essential. You might also have a blog, be active on social media, and invest in advertising or SEO. These are all tools that if used correctly can help drive more people to your website and generate more patients. But what about utilizing a photo gallery? Many medical spas don't have one, and others have one, but fill it with stock images. Most practices that do have a photo gallery utilize a free plug-in to display these images. By neglecting your photo gallery, you're not only hurting the marketing tactics you're implementing to drive traffic to your website, but you're also missing out on new patients and revenue.


Here are four reasons you need to consider adding a quality photo gallery to your website, and how implementing one will drive more new patients and increase your patient retention.

Looking good. A 2015 patient survey conducted by Turbo Medical Marketing found that the two main things patients want to know are:

  • How good a practice's work is.
  • What are others saying about the practice.

The former can be addressed with a photo gallery and the latter via reviews. If you're missing out on either, then patients interested in your services may immediately overlook you.

Building rapport. By spending a few minutes taking before-and-after photos with a patient, you are building rapport and showing that you care about the results. The more often you do this, the higher your patient retention rate will be.

Increase visibility. A quality gallery can improve your website optimization. If you have a gallery that generates new pages for each case study, you have the ability to add an unlimited amount of content. Each new page can be optimized for a new, unique keyword, which allows you to "cast a larger net" over more keywords to increase your organic visibility and drive more traffic.

Increase time-on-site. The photo gallery is the first or second most viewed page on a site. Of all our aesthetic clients, those who have a gallery, and display it prominently on their site, have generated more page views on their galleries than any other page. The more page views you generate per visitor, the longer they stay on the site.

Just like any other marketing tactic, if you're not implementing your tools correctly, then you won't reap the full benefits. So if you're looking to add a photo gallery you need one that is mobile-responsive, fully optimized, has a great organization (taxonomy) structure, has filters, and is easy-to-use.