Get the Look: How The Top Celebrities Achieved Their Looks

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We recently met with the LABB Aesthetic Beauty Bar (multiple locations) in our New York City office. This beauty bar focuses on injectables only in South Florida, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, and the bar plans to open more locations next year in New York City, Nevada, and Texas. We asked LABB and nurse practitioner Jennifer Leebow to tell us how to get the looks that our favorite celebrities are rocking. Take a look and find out how to get Scarlett Johansson's cheeks and Blake Lively's smile. 

Amy Adams
Dermal filler, such as Juvederm or Restylane in lips to create mild fullness 
Botox around the eyes, glabella region (in between eyes) and forehead

Anna Kendrick 
Botox to create a brow lift
Dermal filler in upper lip to create symmetry to bottom lip

Anne Hathaway 

Bella Hamid
Dermal filler in top lip to create volume
Facial contouring with filler, such as Volume in cheeks and Botox for the jawline

Blake Lively
Botox to reduce gummy smile

Emma Stone
All natural 

Julia Roberts 
Botox to soften lines on forehead 

Kate Hudson
Botox around eyes and forehead 

Megan Fox
Cheek augmentation with Voluma
Brow lift with Botox 
Jaw contouring with Botox 
Botox on forehead and around eyes
Lip filler, such as Juvederm

Mila Kunis
Facial contouring to slim jawline and pronounce chin with Botox 

Nicole Kidman
Dermal filler in nasal labial folds 
Dermal filler to lips 
Cheek augmentation with Voluma

Scarlett Johansson
Cheek augmentation 

Selena Gomez 
Facial contouring to slim lower face with Botox 
Brow life with Botox

Brad Pitt
All natural 
Channing Tatum

Mostly natural.  However, for his role in Magic Mike he may have had radio frequency devices to help him melt fat and firm his skin on his abdomen. This is also known as Gladiator Abs and can also be achieved more dramatically with liposuction as well.
George Clooney
He just ages well 

Ryan Gosling 
Appears to have had a soft sprinkling of Botox around the eyes to open eyes and soften any lines and crows feet but very subtlety.