Growth99 Unveils HIPAA-Compliant Solution for Global Med Spa Industry

Growth99 has unveiled its latest product, Aesthetic Virtual, which operates independently of Growth99's main services and is designed to comply with HIPAA regulations. It promises to transform how medical spas handle patient interactions and lead management by harnessing the power of artificial intelligence and automation, all while maintaining rigorous adherence to HIPAA's stringent standards.

Growth99's new product boasts state-of-the-art features like two-way texting, automatic SMS, and email automation. These tools are designed to enhance patient engagement and streamline communication processes. Furthermore, the company offers a unique self-assessment feature, enabling patients to interact and provide vital information even before stepping into a Med Spa. The launch heavily emphasizes the capabilities of, a platform that exemplifies Growth99's dedication to innovation in the aesthetic medicine space. The Aesthetic Virtual website features its expertise in creating user-friendly digital solutions for aesthetics and cosmetic professionals, offering virtual consultations, tailored treatments, and time-saving pre-evaluation in medical aesthetics.