Healthy Glow for the Holidays

holiday party skin prep

It’s hard to believe, but the holiday season is just around the corner. The holidays are a time when clients gather at parties, get-togethers, and other fun festivals to visit with friends and loved ones often not seen for months, or sometimes even years! It is also the one time of the year when everyone wants their skin looking its best, because those holiday pictures go on to last for many years to come! Yet with the change in season, people tend to find their skin looking dull. The good news is that there are many simple and easy solutions you can share with guests to help them revive a healthy glow that lasts through the holiday season. “Seasons change, and as a result the air changes, but most people continue with the same skincare regimen throughout the entire year,” says Tracy Brennan, founder of Kalologie (multiple locations in Los Angeles), a chain of high-end spas and line of award-winning skincare products. “The changing of the seasons means it’s time to change what you are doing to your skin, too. Out with the old routines and in with the new regimens that are going to be designed to keep your skin healthy all fall and winter long.”

  • In an effort to not be trapped by the same routine from previous seasons, Brentwood Kalologie 360 Spa franchise owner Anita Neumann recommends keeping the following tips in mind to ensure clients maintain a healthy glow for the holidays:
  • Help clients make a transition into seasonally appropriate skincare products. Opt for ones that have been designed to help skin have a healthy glow. The Kalologie line of award-winning skin care products, for example, have been scientifically formulated to keep skin looking healthy, vibrant, and glowing.
  • Check the ingredients in the products clients are using on their skin. Some ingredients are potentially harmful, and can irritate the skin.  For example, remind them to avoid formulations containing parabens and sulfates. Opt instead for products with effective ingredients that are formulated without harmful petrochemicals. 
  • Nudge them to book a treatment at the spa or medical spa. Working with a skincare specialist can help them determine the best facial for their skin type, that is going to brighten and give an instant glow. While there, consider other helpful treatments that can help correct problems and advance skin health, such as the Dermapen and liquid facelifts available at Kalologie 360 Spas.
  • Most people feel stressed out during the holiday season, which can have an impact on the skin. Suggest a massage to help eliminate the stress and bring about a more relaxing holiday season. People will see the difference in their skin and face as well.
  • Eating well is one of the best preventative measures that people can employ to protect their skin and maintain a healthy glow. A diet filled with antioxidant-rich foods, such as carrots, spinach, strawberries, blueberries, and sweet potatoes is a good choice.
  • Avoid doing damaging things to the skin, in the name of a glow, such as harmful tanning beds. Those who want a healthy tanning option throughout the winter should consider organic spray tan options, which work well, but avoid the harmful chemicals and UV rays.

“When it’s colder you reach for a jacket, but you should also be reaching for skincare products that will help protect your skin during this weather,” added Brennan. “Everyone can have a nice, healthy glow for the holidays if they want to. And even though it’s colder, don’t forget to continue to reach for sunscreen.  It’s one of the best ways to help prevent future potential skin care issues.”