How Your Spa Can Capitalize on Dermaplaning Popularity

Hair removal is nothing new, men and women have been grooming and eliminating unwanted hair practically as long as it’s been growing. What is surprising though, is the developing trend of women shaving their faces. New at-home devices, like the DermaFlash is have made it easy for women to introduce shaving into their beauty routines. By gently removing the outermost layer of dead skin and vellus hair, or fine, blonde peach fuzz, skin is transformed into a smooth canvas ready for makeup or a no-makeup-needed glowing complexion. Need more proof of its popularity? This month, DermaFlash became the best-selling beauty device on Clients can take the exfoliating benefits to the next level by booking the in-spa variation, dermaplaning. The esthetician uses a scalpel or surgical blade to delicately remove the outermost layers of hair and dead skin with absolutely no downtime. After experiencing the benefits of this treatment firsthand at Russak+ Aesthetic Center (New York City), I asked clinical aesthetician Meredith Brown to share her thoughts on this trending treatment.

Why do you think dermaplaning is a popular facial treatment?

As you yourself have experienced, patients love the look and feel after dermaplaning. Their skin is smooth as silk, looks like glass, and feels softer than ever. Only light extractions are done so people leave the treatment glowing and event ready. It is especially popular with our brides as the deep exfoliation creates a perfect canvas for makeup to lie smoothly. 


Why is dermaplaning a smart treatment for spas/medical spas to have on the menu?

Dermaplaning allows medical spas to offer a treatment for immediate brightening, smoothness, and looking red carpet ready. Dermaplaning is a deeper exfoliation of dead skin cells than a traditional facial.  Additionally, peach fuzz (vellus hair) is also removed in the process so patients really like this treatment for more than one reason.


What conditions and skin concerns see the most improvement from dermaplaning?

Dry, dull, dehydrated skin gets a fantastic benefit. Skin that is normal to oily can also see a great improvement. This procedure is not for acenic or compromised skin.


What are some common misconceptions of dermaplaning?

People are wary about removing the fuzz on their face. It will grow back in about three to four weeks normally. It will not be darker. When done properly by an experienced professional dermaplaning should not be irritating. Removing the dead skin allows your products to penetrate better and skin to be hydrated easier by your moisturizer.


Can you share info about the protocol for dermaplaning at Russak+ Aesthetic Center?

Our dermaplaning facial combines both a full facial and dermaplaning. We use SkinCeuticals products which are all backed by scientific studies proving their high level of efficacy. The skin is deep cleaned then products are applied to allow the skin to be prepped properly (AHA, LHA & BHA) so the skin is very dry prior to dermaplaning. This allows for seamless contact between the skin and dermaplane to accomplish gentile yet deep exfoliation with out irritating the skin. After dermaplaning The skin is steamed, light extractions and chemical peel applied then buffed and hot toweled off. A massage, calming solution, moisturizing repair cream and SPF are applied to finish.