Kerstin Florian Relaunches Cult Skincare Favorite

Kerstin Florian relaunched a fan favorite product. Photo credit: Kerstin Florian

Kerstin Florian has relaunched a former customer favorite product, the Correcting Brightening Facial Serum. The product is being introduced under a new name, with fresh packaging, and at a lower price point. It has been designed to leave skin brighter and help it achieve a smoother look and feel.

The Correcting Brightening Facial Serum, suggested to retail for $95, works to brighten skin by reducing dark spots, limiting pigmentation, minimizing texture, and enhancing tone and clarity. The product uses tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate, a Vitamin C+ complex that has been proven to increase collagen formation up to 50 percent, and reduce melanin production by 80 percent.

It also contains red algae, which helps limit melanin production, and botanicals, which help lighten pigmentation. Derivatives from Chinese mushrooms help soothe inflammation and hyperpigmentation that are caused by exposure to UV light. The product also contains fermented black tea, which helps smooth skin and decrease surface roughness.

Kerstin Florian founded her company with her Swedish roots and inspiration from nature in mind. The company is designed around four cornerstones rooted in a holistic approach: proper nutrition, peace of mind, regular exercise, and care of the face and body. A member of the Green Spa Network, the company is mindful of environmental impact and works to operate with recyclability, conservation, and carbon neutrality in mind. The brand is also known for sourcing products that are safe, promote health, and have consistent results.


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