Lutronic Debuts New Laser

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Lutronic, a leader in aesthetics and medical lasers, has announced the debut of the LaseMD laser, a 1927nm thulium laser ideal for skin-resurfacing treatments on patients of all ages and skin types. It provides non-ablative fractionated treatments with minimum downtime. It specifically treats actinic keratosis and benign pigmented lesions, and offers a range of treatment settings, from gentle to aggressive. Lutronic also released a line of skincare products to enhance the results of the LaseMD laser, including ampoules with vitamin A, vitamin C, resveratrol, and tranexamic acid. "The release of LaseMD in the U.S. is just the latest in many exciting things to come for Lutronic," says Jeff Knight, president of Lutronic Global. "By moving our global headquarters to the U.S., we are primed to improve our product offerings and further expand our global reach."

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