Maintaining Masculine Features

Whether it’s to delay retirement, retain a professional edge, or stay competitive in the dating game, more men are turning to plastic surgery. According to a recent study by the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS), the number of men having Botox shot up 27 percent from 2011. Manhattan plastic surgeon Sam Rizk, M.D., whose patient base is 25 percent male and is a respected expert in facial plastic surgery, says this group of clients have unique goals when they visit the office. Unlike women who focus on eliminating wrinkles and lines, men value a strong jawline. Neck lifts, nose surgery, and removal of lower eyelid bags are the most popular procedures in his practice.
Rizk notes that the following all play a role in the confidence of his male patients:

  • Raise brows Men have a tendency to have low set brows and they are misinterpreted as angry. A brow lift can help.
  • Chin position Males with more dominant features are more likely to be promoted in the military and achieve higher rank. Dominant features include jutting chin and wide jaw bones. Fillers or chin implants can achieve this.
  • Rhinoplasty The first place one looks at a face is the eyes unless the nose is out of proportion. A symmetric face and nose has proven to be associated with making a better first impression.
  • Height The majority of fortune 500 CEO males are greater than the average height. Although we cannot overcome genetics a straight posture can give the appearance of height. Consider pilates.