MD Esthetics Acquires Medical Aesthetics of New England

MD Esthetics announced the acquisition of Medical Aesthetics of New England (MANE), an established medical spa comprised of two locations serving the Acton and Fitchburg, MA areas. This practice is part of the growing premier MD Esthetics brand, which is comprised of five corporate and franchisee-owned practices.

MD Esthetics Acton & Fitchburg, formerly known as Medical Aesthetics of New England, has a 17-year history with a loyal customer base. "We sought to acquire MANE because they are one of the top Biote pellet hormone replacement practices in the nation but lack key MD Esthetics offerings such as CO2 laser resurfacing and full-face optimization, resulting in tremendous opportunity for growth across brands," says CEO Michael Pedro, M.D. "This strategic acquisition will bring Biote hormone replacement best practices to existing MD Esthetics locations while enhancing and refining service offerings at MANE locations."

Along with keeping the existing team, MD Esthetics plans to add additional clinical and support staff at both locations, along with intentions of expanding the Fitchburg footprint. The MANE team is excited to bring additional treatment and product offerings to their patients in the near future.