Merz Aesthetics Welcomes Demi Lovato to Xeomin Campaign

Merz Aesthetics announced the latest extension of its first-of-its kind, multi-year campaign, ‘Beauty on Your Terms’ with the addition of award-winning actor and musician Demi Lovato as the newest XEOMIN (incobotulinumtoxinA) brand partner. The partnership with Lovato is a continuation of Merz Aesthetics’ multi-channel, digital-first ‘Beauty on Your Terms’ campaign, which has reimagined traditional pharmaceutical marketing strategy.

First launched in August 2022, the campaign was developed to introduce XEOMIN, an FDA-approved double-filtered anti-wrinkle injection to temporarily improve the appearance of frown lines, to a younger adult audience that is new to the injectables category and to empower them to embrace beauty on their own terms. Lovato will be integrated across all campaign channels, including marquee cultural moments that reach a savvy, aesthetically focused audience at the intersection of music, beauty and fashion. In addition, campaign content will be featured across Lovato’s social media channels, demonstrating how XEOMIN has become a staple in her skincare treatment and beauty regimen and is something she feels everyone can be open about. “The ‘Beauty on Your Terms’ campaign really resonates with me because I have always believed in the importance of being true to who you are and owning the choices that help you look and feel like the best, most authentic version of yourself,” says Lovato. “Part of that is also being mindful of what goes into the products you choose to use. XEOMIN allows me to maintain the natural look I love with no unnecessary ingredients.”