New York Celeb Esthetician Discusses Radiofrequency

Ildi Pekar offers effective antiaging with radiofrequency treatments

High-tech devices can help you address clients’ concerns and fix those imperfections in a snap without surgery. Radiofrequency (RF) is one appealing offering, and it has become a hot commodity. We talked to Ildi Pekar, owner of Ildi Pekar Skin Care (New York City) about how RF has helped her bring in a loyal following of high profile clients.


What results and improvements are visible instantly after the service? Each client can see their skin is much firmer, more definition, and an overall lifting effect.


What improvements and benefits are visible over time? A client will experience loss of fat cells as the radio frequency works to shrink them. The fat cells are then disposed naturally through your sweat or urine. We recommend more than one session because this treatment is cumulative.


What is the average duration of one treatment? An average facial session is no longer than 30 minutes because the cells heat up at a faster speed than the body. On the body, we give an average time of 60 minutes but no longer than 1 hour and 30 minutes per session.


How many treatments do you recommend for best results? It depends on the client’s current weight and lifestyle, also how much of result they desire. On average, I recommend 8 to 12 sessions for best results. It is normal to maintain it once a month after that.


What conditions and concerns does RF address on the face? The radiofrequency helps with sagging skin, assisting your skin to become firm and lifted while reducing puffiness. This is an ideal service to treat loose skin around the neck or double chin.


When and why is it a better option for clients? It is a better option before you decide any major surgery. It is a healthier method to work with your body instead of forcefully creating drastic changes, which often can be harsh on the body. This is a natural and effective approach to skin tightening, fat shrinking, and defining for your body with no downtime.


Who is the ideal client for RF? There is no age for a facial treatment. Even a younger client could benefit from this with reducing puffiness and weight loss helping them to appear more defined with a natural contour. Every age sees a different result with this treatment. Older clients see a result with their skin elasticity and firmness creating a youthful appearance.

The ideal client for an RF body treatment lives a healthy lifestyle but could still be 10 to 15 pounds over their ideal weight and also struggling with losing cellulite. This gives them the boost they need to have their skin match their lifestyle. Radiofrequency allows the natural electricity to penetrate the fat cells at a deeper level so it’s working from within to shrink the fat deposits creating smoother skin and decreasing cellulite in the body.


How long have you been using RF devices for facials? Five years


What innovations and changes have you noticed in the devices and their effect on the skin? The devices rely on more modern technology so the results are much quicker with no downtime, and they are safer. The machines are also more compact but double the power and that is why I consistently go back to Europe to update my machines.