Quick Tips for Marketing Laser Hair Removal

According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, laser hair removal was one of the most commonly requested non-surgical treatments in 2016 with more than 1 million procedures conducted. The market is saturated with clients looking for hair removal options, but attracting new business can be difficult. Todd Schlifstein, M.D., owner of EGA Medical (New York City) suggests that med spas market laser hair removal using social media, especially Instagram. He also suggests posting on Gilt.com, an online marketplace, during slow seasons to entice clients.

Jenya Titova, director of med spa operations at Hochstein MedSpa (Aventura, FL) markets laser hair removal through e-mail blasts, which she sends out to her client base. She also suggests generating business through advertising externally. Another way to boost laser hair removal sales is to focus on the clients who are not being offered adequate services. “Personally, I believe the best way to advertise laser hair removal is to cater towards the darker pigmented client.  With at home remedies already set for lighter skin pigments, much of that market has stopped going to the spa for hair removal,” says Alan Durkin, M.D., CEO of Ocean Drive Plastic Surgery (Vero Beach, FL). “However, the home systems are not set up for Asian, African-american, and Hispanic clients. Target these subsets, and have the expertise to provide them a safe, comfortable, hair removal experience,” he says.